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GB Lojistik

         Our solution-oriented company, which values people first and respects the unwritten rules of Ethics/Morality, adopts continuous development as a vision. Our company, which provides service with its expert staff with the awareness of being a team, provides service by considering customer satisfaction. Our company, which closely follows the current technology, aims to strengthen its position in the logistics sector and to make a name for itself in the global supply chain, and continues its research in this direction.

Authorized management

Thanks to a fine structure and a well-planned communication path, our Account Management team always has a full view of all client matters. GB Account Managers are always closely supported and empowered by GB High Quality corporate sponsors. 

Reporting Techniques Suitable for You

 Regular reporting of our performance is an important part of our Account Management process and success. Our reporting tools allow measurement based on a number of different predetermined parameters. Weekly conference calls, monthly meetings and Quarterly Business Review (QBR) come standard.

 GB is a global company operating locally around the world. Building strategic partnerships that work hand in hand with GB corporate protocols over many years increases our strength, consistency, knowledge and expertised.

 Global consistency

 Our Business Ethics is to recognize and support partnerships and blend this with a successful, proven management style that ensures consistency at both the corporate and local level. GB partners are selected to ensure consistency is guaranteed wherever you are.

 Global reach

 Strategic network partnerships work on a proven formula that includes a GB management, sales and customer service team supporting local operations. We regularly measure and monitor the performance of our teams in that region to make sure they are meeting both our customer s and our own expectations.

 Emerging markets

 In order to compete on a truly global platform, it is necessary to have strong partners and collaborations in certain industries, especially in emerging markets. Strategic network partners work with GB LOJISTIK under contract and license.